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Cyber Security
A cyber-attack can maliciously disable
computers, steal data or use a breached
computer as a launch point for other attacks.

This can expose personal information, have
financial implications or emotional distress on
the target and those close to them.

Our partner focuses on your computer system
infrastructure, helping you implement the best
possible technological armour to defend your
people, computers and estate from cyber

They provide layers of armour against cyber
attackers for your property wherever it may
be, all of which are fully managed by them
with custom built firewalls.
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Open Source Intelligence & Investigations
Open source intelligence and investigation specialises around helping counter hostile profiling through the internet and digital devices. Our partners have worked in this field for over a decade, helping to safeguard clients and their families, working heavily in the entertainment and sport industry as well as public and corporate sector.

They use online digital profiling to help identify privacy and security vulnerabilities for both high visibility and vulnerable people and assist in removing data wherever possible, along with advising users on how they can help reduce digital vulnerabilities through increased awareness levels.
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Media Reputation
Your reputation is hard to build and easy to
lose. You must guard it wisely in a digital age
where you can't predict the next blow.

Our partner has advised Prime Ministers,
politicians, sports stars, public personalities
and corporate leaders on their public
triumphs and managed them through scandal.

They know the best way to weather a crisis is
to avoid one in the first place. Their senior
counsel will keep you on the front foot and
ahead of the crowd.

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Personal Security
Our partner has an unrivaled level of experience and knowledge which allows them to deliver a professional and discreet style of security. Through their dedicated team they offer a variety of security services, included but not limited to:

Residential Security
Security Drivers
Close Protection
Event Security Management

All team members are former Metropolitan Police Officers who have served in SO142(2) Royalty Protection, as Personal Protection Officers to her Majesty the Queen and other senior members of the British Royal Family.

They design, resource and deliver a security plan that ensures that the operational objectives are always achieved and their client is not at risk from physical harm or commercial and personal embarrassment.
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Superyacht Security
Your superyacht is your prized asset, used for
that well-deserved retreat, it is a statement
of your success.

However, a yacht is also a significant
demonstration of wealth and as
more owners seek to take their superyachts
to unfamiliar destinations, the need for an
experienced and trusted security provider
becomes increasingly necessary.

With unrivalled experience in the superyacht
sector, our partner can provide a wide range
of services to enhance the security of your
yacht. From new-build consultation to crew
training, their services can significantly
enhance the safety and security of those on
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Phone & Computer
Our partner has an unrivaled reputation in
digital forensic investigation and regularly
examine a multitude of devices including
mobile phones, tablets, computers, servers
and satellite navigation systems. Their
laboratory grade forensic equipment and
highly skilled security vetted examiners can
also provide a high-quality data recovery
service and expert witness reports and

Their specialists routinely enhance CCTV
recordings for use in litigation and
investigations. They can also detect
tampering and manipulations which have
been made to video recordings after the

Analysis of audio recordings is another area
their specialists are highly experienced at,
whether that is investigating, authenticating
or enhancing data created on a wide range
of common audio devices.

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Private Investigations
& Security Solutions
Our partner acts on behalf of victims of
crime, assisting with police liaison to report
crimes and overseeing investigation and
subsequent court cases and related civil

Their team also specialises in full site security
audits both for businesses and home
premises. They can provide robust security
measures including structural improvements,
implement the newest CCTV, alarm systems
and geo-fence technologies.

Each project is overseen by the best
technology in guard force management
software to increase their accountability and
transparency to their clients, management
and operational teams.
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Social Media Management
Our partner specialises in a wide range of social media and marketing techniques, they can manage and maintain your social media channels to build your following and your engagement in a safe environment.

From photography to graphics and videography, they can create content for your social media channels, website or for press use. Whether its short or long term, can create an effective campaign around an event, project, collaboration and more; ensuring that your social footprint is effective, impactive and secure.

Offering you a secure ring fence in regards to every aspect of your life and lifestyle with our additional secure services.